What We Offer:

Spektreworks is an Official Ardupilot Partner that now offers UAS Training dedicated to the Ardupilot family of platforms. We have multiple courses covering a broad spectrum of topics:

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UAS Training

Specializing in ArduPilot Platforms

Training as an Air Vehicle Operator:

You will learn how to operate an ArduPilot based UAS using Mission Planner. After this course, you will know how to safely and effectively utilize this software for flight operations on your respective platform.

You will also learn how to use Mission Planner to set up and configure your UAS, as well as basic troubleshooting procedures.



Electric And Gas Powered

Training as an External Pilot:

You will learn the skills necessary to manually fly an ArduPilot based UAS using a traditional Radio Control Transmitter. 

After this course, you will be able to understand the dynamics of switching between automatic and manual control. You will be able to assume manual control of the UAS and recover it safely or as part of your concept of operations



All Configurations

We well teach you how to have confidence through competence.

If you are interested in our training programs, please fill out our UAS Operator Initial Training Assessment Form, and send us an email at training@spektreworks.com expressing your specific training needs.


Fixed Wing

Gas and Electric

Training courses will include:

·       Two x 8 hour Classroom days

·       Three x 8 hour days of Flight Operations

·       Flights would include simulated Real-World Operations such as: Search and Rescue, Mapping, and Flight Test Operations

·       The use of SpektreWorks owned UAVs and Ground Control Stations

·       A  SpektreWorks T-Shirt

·       Ardupilot Training Completion Certificate

·       1-2 Instructors per class

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Limitations and Conditions:

·       Maximum of 4 people per Instructor

·       Must be booked 2 weeks in advance

·       20% down payment is necessary to book

·       Must be Paid in Full 72 hours prior to the start of the class

·       Can be refunded up to 72 hours prior to the start time of the class

*FAA Part 107 Certification is not a prerequisite for any training course.

However, it is highly encouraged to have this certification prior to taking these courses.

FAA Part 107 course can be taught separately.

*Training is conducted at the SpektreWorks facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona.