Unmanned Aircraft Systems

SpektreWorks has multiple unmanned aircraft systems available for purchase. All of our systems are capable of fully autonomous flight from takeoff to landing. Each aircraft can be configured as requested by our customers.


large Fixed wing uas

This 55 lbs aircraft with a 4.5 meter wingspan is a highly capable, versatile, and cost effective solution with up to 10lbs of payload capacity. This platform can be configured with a silent and clean electric propulsion system, or a powerful gas engine with 8+ hours of endurance.

X8 UAV Launch.jpeg

small target drone uas

This small electric flying wing UAS is designed as a low cost solution for Counter UAS technology development and testing. It has a wingspan of 2.2 meters and weighs up to 10 lbs depending on the required endurance.


small VTOL uas

This system has been developed as a low cost VTOL UAS to be used primarily for training purposes. It has also been useful for high-risk developmental flight testing for VTOL UAS specific features.