Orange Cube - Beta Unit

Orange Cube - Beta Unit


Soon to be the new standard Cube Autopilot for hobbyists and professionals. The Orange Cube has a STM32H7 processor which significantly out performs the Black Cube’s STM32F4.

The worlds most advanced autopilot for open autonomous unmanned vehicles. Redundant, temperature controlled, and vibration isolated.


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Note: The Cube will not function without a carrier board.



  • STM32H7 Processor
  • 32-bit failsafe co-processor


  • Three redundant IMUs (accels, gyros and compass)
  • Two redundant barometers


  • Redundant power supply with automatic failover
  • Servo rail high-power (7 V) and high-current ready
  • All peripheral outputs over-current protected, all inputs ESD protected


  • 14x PWM servo outputs (8 from IO, 6 from FMU)
  • S.Bus servo output
  • R/C inputs for CPPM, Spektrum / DSM and S.Bus
  • Analogue / PWM RSSI input
  • 5x general purpose serial ports, 2 with full flow control
  • 2x I2C ports
  • SPI port
  • 2x CAN Bus interface
  • 3x Analogue inputs (3.3V and 6.6V)
  • High-powered piezo buzzer driver (on expansion board)
  • High-power RGB LED (I2C driver compatible connected externally only)
  • Safety switch / LED

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