ESC - KDE-UAS85UVC, 85A+UHV For UAS Series

ESC - KDE-UAS85UVC, 85A+UHV For UAS Series



  • Two (2) KDE Direct XF ф4.0mm 24K Bullet Connectors (Pair, KDEXF-BC40)

  • Two (2) KDE Direct XF ф6.5mm 24K Bullet Connectors (Pair, KDEXF-BC65)

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The new UAS UVC series brings to life the newest-generation of technology for UAS and Multi-Rotor operation; including an all-Aluminum 6061-T6 case for cool-running temperatures and rugged-construction, allowing the ESCs to be used in a wide-range of harsh environments and commercial/industrial applications (IP66 certification for all-weather operation).  The new series also comes pre-loaded with the latest production firmware, including these new, market-leading technologies:

  • Regenerative Braking – active braking during motor deceleration phase, providing instantaneous response to the flight controller commands and matched-response to acceleration profiles (less “float” during flight).
  • Temperature-Controlled Synchronous Rectification – new proprietary algorithm for smooth-running motors at low-throttle and improved, faster response under high-peak loads; all while significantly increasing flight-time efficiency and reducing operating temperatures (also termed "active-freewheeling").
  • Dynamic Timing and Startup Power – optimally-tuned for smooth and precision-controlled startup throughout the full-range of UAS Brushless Motors (no hesitation, stuttering, or response lag).
  • Increased Drive and Throttle Frequency Resolution – high-accuracy, linear throttle response throughout full-range of operation control.
  • Motor Synchronization – factory-calibrated ESCs for consistent throttle control and frequency-matched start-up protocols.

The UAS UVC series is compatible with 3S LiPo - 14S LiHV (63V Max) power systems - allowing for the next level of performance and efficiency for your UAS and Multi-Rotor applications.  In addition, the UAS UVC series includes active anti-spark circuitry, protecting the integrity and life-span of the critical connectors upon each initial plug-in and system power-up.

The UAS UVC series incorporate a 32-bit MCU for unlimited processing power and speed, with the addition of CANbus multiplex serial-bus control and telemetry, and on-board high-speed data logging (soon available via future firmware updates).

The series is tuned and optimized for the KDE Direct UAS Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor Series, for simple plug-and-play operation. No additional throttle calibration is required for most applications and settings are factory programmed.

ESCs include 200°C, 10 AWG silicone-wire power leads and 12 AWG silicone-wire motor leads with dual ф6.5mm (KDEXF-BC65and ф4.0mm (KDEXF-BC4024K matching Bullet Connectors.

ESC Programming Software: KDE Direct Device Manager Software


Programming: Proprietary Algorithm, 600Hz+ Refresh, Dynamic Advance Timing

Ingress Protection Rating: IP66 Certification

Features: Active Anti-Spark Circuit, Aluminum 6061-T6 Case, CANbus Protocol




*: ESC requires consistent airflow (5 mph or greater) across the heatsink to maintain maximum continuous current and power ratings during operation, specified at full-load condition (100% throttle). Increasing airflow or adding additional cooling can further increase the capabilities of the controller and extend the lifespan of the critical internal components.

*: ESC actively monitors internal hardware components to protect its circuitry. Overtemperature protection ensures safe and reliable operation by limiting the maximum RPM when the temperature rises above the maximum temperature rating. Overtemperature protection decreases an ESCs operating temperature and will bring the ESC back to safe operating conditions.


Full Specifications:

Refresh Rate 2000 Hz (50 - 2000Hz Adaptive)
Maximum Peak Current 175 A (5 s)
Maximum Peak Power 9,065 W (5 s)
Maximum Continuous Current* 85+ A (180 s)
Maximum Continuous Power* 4403+ W (180 s)
Maximum Temperature* 95°C
Maximum Efficiency > 98%
Voltage Range 11.1 V (3S LiPo) - 60.9 V (14S LiHV)
Internal BEC None (Opto-Isolation)
Maximum RPM 360,000 rpm (2-Pole)
PWM Rate Adaptive Dynamic Algorithm
Advance Timing 22° - 30° Dynamic Algorithm
ESC Size 46 mm (W) x 80 mm (L)
ESC Weight 110 g (150 g with Wires/Bullets)
Power Leads 10 AWG, 200°C
Motor Leads 12 AWG, 200°C
ESC Control Lead 22 AWG, 3-Wire JR (W-R-B)
ESC Motor Phase (eRPM) Lead 22 AWG, 3-Wire JR (O-R-B)
Power Connects ф4.0 / ф6.5 mm Matched Pair
Motor Connects ф4.0 mm Female


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