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advanced Unmanned Systems Development


We are a team of experienced engineers with a passion to evolve the future of autonomy, helping our clients with the following:


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Industry Partners



providing unmanned systems that are engineered to help our clients accomplish their most difficult challenges today and in the future.

changing the modern day workforce


Industries We Serve

Precision Agriculture

Industrial Inspection

Insurance & Roof Inspection

Survey & Mapping

Oil & Gas



Public Safety

Department of Defense



Engineering Services

From concept to production, SpektreWorks provides multidisciplinary engineering services.  First and foremost we take the time to fully understand our client's goals and requirements. After we have captured our client's requirements, we  generate and evaluate concepts to arrive at a well formulated approach. Next, we begin the design cycle, keeping our client well informed about our progress to ensure that their needs are met.



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SpektreWorks is an engineering services company based in Scottsdale, AZ that specializes in unmanned systems development. We offer creative engineering solutions and fresh ideas. We design and build unmanned systems that revolve around the clients needs. We take time out to understand the business objectives and, most importantly, the customer before making recommendations for how we will execute on our strategy. With a resolute commitment to delivering the very best work for our clients, along with our creativity, experience and knowledge, we will continue to build on our position as market leaders in commercial UAS applications.