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Engineering Services

From concept to production, SpektreWorks provides multidisciplinary engineering services.  First and foremost we take the time to fully understand our client's goals and requirements. After we have captured our client's requirements, we  generate and evaluate concepts to arrive at a well formulated approach. Next, we begin the design cycle, keeping our client well informed about our progress to ensure that their needs are met.  

Aerospace Engineering

Offerings span the complete UAS development cycle, including airframe design and integrating sub-systems for an array of applications. 

  • UAV/UAS airframe design

  • Autopilot integration

  • Airfoil design

  • Aerodynamic modeling & simulation

    • 6 DOF 

  • Propulsion systems

    • Simulation

    • Component selection

    • Testing  

Mechanical Engineering

End-to-end advanced mechanical engineering services to support all phases of the design process, from concept to production.

  • CAD design and drafting

    • 3D solid models

    • 2D drafting and drawings

  • Design

    • Component design

    • Part optimization

    • Material selection

    • Mechanism design

  • Analysis

    • Failure

    • Fatigue

    • Stress


Electrical Engineering

Specializing in developing custom circuits in house for  a variety of applications.  

  • Custom circuit design & PCB Layout

    • High speed signal

    • Digital systems

    • DC-DC switching power supplies

    • High precision analog

    • Rapid design cycle

    • End-to-end solution when coupled with our in-house firmware development capabilities

 Firmware Development

 Custom firmware development for a range of MCU targets

  • 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit architectures

  • C, Assembly

  • Complete design from the ground up

  • Embedded systems

  • Signal processing

  • Control systems

  • Optimized for single-purpose hardware

  • End-to-end solution when coupled with our in-house hardware design capabilities



In House Capabilities

  • 3D prototype printing

  • CNC router

  • Prototype PCB assembly

  • Circuit debugging and troubleshooting

  • Propulsion system testing