Cobalt VTOL uas

Cobalt 55 E-VTOL

This 55lbs UAS is powered by an all electric propulsion system. It is inherently simple in its design and maintenance procedures, and features an additional rear payload bay under the wings. This aircraft is perfect for technology demonstrations and proof of concept operations. Maximum endurance for this aircraft is 90 minutes. Payload capacity is up to 10lbs.

Cobalt 55 G-VTOL

The Gasoline powered version of the Cobalt 55 series extends flight endurance up to 4-6 hours. The engine is a single cylinder 35cc two stroke with electronic fuel injection for automatic mixture control for varying atmospheric conditions. This aircraft can carry up to 10lbs of payload for long periods of time.

Cobalt 110 G-VTOL

The Cobalt 110 is a true workhorse. This aircraft system can carry up to 20 pounds of payload for up to 10 hours. Maximum takeoff weight is 110lbs. It has a large forward payload bay with plenty of room for various payload configurations. It features a 70cc twin cylinder two stroke electronic fuel injected engine with an auto starter/generator that provides up to 500 watts of electrical power.